Navy veteran and family blossom in a place to call home

Due to cutbacks in his Navy career, Frank and his family found themselves homeless. And then, a friend told them about Goodwill’s SSVF program. Now, their young family is enjoying their duplex and garden.

It was like we had our life back.

The help from SSVF opened up opportunity, which helped me be able to get my job. Without Goodwill, we would still be living on the streets, and I don't think my wife would have made it.


It is unimaginable what could have happened.

I don't think I want to know where my kids and I would be without SSVF and Goodwill. It is unimaginable what could have happened.

-- David

I owe a great deal to Goodwill

I owe a great deal to Goodwill for helping me become more stable. Without SSVF, my life would be a huge mess.

-- Bill

David’s world turned upside down when he suddenly became a single father to his two young children. Due to change in family size that affected his rental eligibility, David and his children were given 30 days to move out. Because David had a full-time job and was not yet homeless, most organizations didn’t consider him to be struggling enough to receive any form of need-based assistance. But he did need help. Read the full story >>