Life was out of Louis’ control.

photo of a father helping son put on boxing glovesLiving for the moment, one bad choice had led to another bad choice and was all compounded with anger and denial. He surrounded himself with people who couldn’t give him the right kind of support. He lost focus on his own future and the future of his son. His decisions had legal repercussions. He lost the support of his family and friends and the privilege to be in his son’s life.

After a time, Louis decided that living on the street wasn’t for him. He wanted a better quality of life. He wanted to surround himself with people he could depend on. He decided that if he wanted help, he would have to go look for it; it wasn’t going to come to him.

When Catholic Charities learned that Louis was a veteran, they sent him to Goodwill’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families program.

Goodwill provided him with case management, moral support, referrals for counseling, legal help, and family law help. They provided financial assistance so Louis could to get into housing. They helped him with bus passes, work clothes, beds, furniture, and a move-in kit.

Now Louis is housed and working. He attends counseling and is taking steps to resolve his legal issues. He has been granted visitation with his son. He does not live in the moment anymore and is working on short and long-term goals to become self-sufficient.

Louis has become so stable that he is able to pursue previous hobbies such as boxing.

“My life is honestly amazing,” he said. “I’m happier now and I smile much more.”

“Without Goodwill, my life would definitely be harder,” Louis said. “I wouldn’t have the same drive I have now because I feel like I have a support system. They give me peace of mind … I have someone I can reach out to and find various connections. They have given me the avenues to take care of my legal issues, living situation, and job searches. I am thankful to have Goodwill.”

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