David’s world turned upside down when he suddenly became a single father to his two young children. Still reeling from the sudden transition to being both mother and father, David learned he was no longer eligible to live at his current residence because of the change in his family size. David and his children were given 30 days to move out.

Despite his full-time job, David knew that 30 days wouldn’t be enough time to save up the deposit, first month, and last month’s rent for a new apartment. He searched throughout the community for help with these unexpected moving expenses, but was continually turned away. Because David had a full-time job and was not yet homeless, most organizations didn’t consider him to be struggling enough to receive any form of need-based assistance. Meanwhile, time was ticking, and David refused to allow his children to experience homelessness. Even worse, David was worried his children would be taken away from him if he could not find a place to live.

David continued working full time and used his days off to search for housing and assistance. With only two weeks left in their apartment, David found Goodwill’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program.

When it was time for David and his children to move out of their apartment, SSVF provided a 45-day emergency hotel stay, hoping that would be enough time for David to find his family a place to live. Meanwhile, SSVF covered the application fees for three different apartments.

With only two days left at the emergency hotel, the rental paperwork was approved.  SSVF rented a moving truck to take the family’s belongings from a storage unit to their new apartment. David was also given a move-in kit, equipped with essential household items, and beds for himself and each of his two children.

David is now on the waiting list for a Section 8 Housing Choice voucher, which will help him maintain housing stability on his own. He continues to work his job at a caregiving facility, but plans to return to college to pursue a career that will better support his family. No matter what, he is dedicated to being a good father and a good employee.

Thankful to Goodwill SSVF and the services he was provided, David says, “It is unimaginable what could have happened [without Goodwill’s assistance].”

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