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Help a veteran family come home.

Supportive Services for Veterans Families is looking for landlords who want to help homeless veterans in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. In the booming housing market in our region, affordable housing is extremely limited for veterans who are living on a fixed income. In the first half of 2017, the Inland Northwest had close to 100 single veterans and veteran families waiting for weeks without an apartment or house.

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Rent to a Veteran Today!

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Everyone deserves a second chance.

Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) Case Managers and Housing Specialists will partner with you every step of the way to make this a successful housing experience.

How it works for the Landlord

As a landlord, SSVF Housing Specialists are partners to assist with the process in the following ways:

  • Ensure the rent is paid during the veteran’s transition period (durations and amounts of financial support vary on a case-by-case basis).
  • Facilitate communications between the landlord and veteran tenant.
  • Provide call in support to help you with any challenges or questions that come up with your veteran tenant.

What we do for the Veteran Tenant

We help the veteran tenant if they have questions or challenges to address with the landlord. SSVF can provide the following supportive services to veterans and their families:

  • Financial assistance (such as security deposits, rental assistance, assistance with utilities, assistance with move-in costs.)
  • Transportation assistance.
  • Referral to and assistance with Social Security and Service Connected Disability claims.
  • Referral to medical and mental health services and benefits, and others.

Veteran finds his smile and new relationship with son

Life was out of control when Louis connected with SSVF.

Single Father of Two Nearly Loses Home

David, a veteran, learned he was no longer eligible to live at his current residence because of the change in his family size. David and his children were given 30 days to move out.

Navy Vet Went from Homeless to Gardening in his Backyard

Frank planned to make a career with the Navy, but when cutbacks to his position made it impossible to re-enlist, Frank and his family found themselves homeless. And then, a friend told them about Goodwill’s SSVF program. Now, their young family is enjoying their duplex and garden…

It was like we had our life back.

The help from SSVF opened up opportunity, which helped me be able to get my job. Without Goodwill, we would still be living on the streets, and I don't think my wife would have made it.


It is unimaginable what could have happened.

I don't think I want to know where my kids and I would be without SSVF and Goodwill. It is unimaginable what could have happened.

-- David

I owe a great deal to Goodwill

I owe a great deal to Goodwill for helping me become more stable. Without SSVF, my life would be a huge mess.

-- Bill

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Call SSVF at (509) 321-3348.